Most people working in the music industry these days understand you can't make it on talent alone. To be successful you need a favorable marketing plan with key players in promotion, sales and publicity. Karen Tallier, owner and media director of LOUDMOUTH pr, created her own media marketing company to become a key player in her field.
Karen Tallier - LOUDMOUTH pr Karen Tallier

What is a publicist?

Determined to produce synergy within the clients marketing plan, LOUDMOUTH pr works to build a strong campaign to constitute the credibility an artist needs to generate revenue.

"You can't fish without a hook," explains Tallier. "Publicity creates that hook and if used effectively will bring into being a clear understanding of the artist and their talent by means of media outlets. Once exposure is obtained it sends a message of credibility to the specified target audience and helps build their brand. My company, LOUDMOUTH pr, intends to build the credentials that create credibility and achieve the artist objectives."

Tallier, a graduate of The University of Florida, claims her strong educational background coupled by her work experience gives LOUDMOUTH pr the foundation of a flourishing firm with a promise of longevity. Tallier has had the privilege of working with the best of the best at RCA Label Group including great artists such as: Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Phil Vassar and other various publicity campaigns such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Deana Carter, and Craig Morgan. Through her experiences, she has learned the most successful business and publicity campaign is driven by principles. Tallier created LOUDMOUTH pr with the intention to thrive on achieving success for her clients without losing integrity.

LOUDMOUTH pr can assist you in the following areas:

Publicity Campaigns
Event Marketing
Artist Development
Tour Press
Identity Branding

"LOUDMOUTH pr will assist clients in creating a specific and targeted publicity campaign to build the brand with credibility as the fundamental issue," explains Tallier.

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